And now for a word about Stilazzi makeup brushes…

I always enjoy my exchanges with makeup artist Jordan Liberty (Creator of GiveGoodFace). He’s a lively guy, full of energy and ideas on how to make what he does better, and more fun. So when I approached him to discuss Stilazzi products, he hit me with perhaps the funniest quote I’ve encountered so far when it comes to how people feel about Stilazzi products.

While discussing the future of Stilazzi, our growth plans for 2012, and the particulars of our product line, he hit me with this gem – “I always wanted to create my own line of brushes, so let’s just agree that I’m crazy jealous of your plan for world domination with your insanely soft brushes. What are they made of, anyway? Cocaine and unicorn fur? It’s like massaging your face with a kitten.” — Jordan Liberty

No joke, I toppled over and began laughing hysterically when I read this. Surely our customers up front thought I was crazy, and rightfully so because this was hilarious. I’m not sure if anyone can top this, what a fantastic description. You can have a look at our brush lines here – http://stilazzi.com/MakeupBrushCosmeticBrush.aspx and remember, buy over the Black Weekend and save 50%!



4 comments on “And now for a word about Stilazzi makeup brushes…

  1. Well, I was eyeing your brushes on your website and if Jordan describes them that way, I believe they are worth a try!

    • I was seriously rolling when he emailed me that. And yes, they are certainly very nice. Our intention with this line is to blend a high standard of quality, with a level of affordability that is unmatched. So far we’ve done pretty well with it, and hope to make it even more perfect as the line unfolds.

  2. Jordan Liberty is amazing! That is the funniest thing I’ve ever read LMAO. I need these brushes! Is it hard to get a pro discount? I need to stock up.

  3. Hi Claire! I know, I still laugh when I read it. Love it. And no, we’re super lenient about our pro discounts. Email me at busdev@stilazzi.com for more info, I’d love to see you with our brushes!

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