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Stilazzi sales you need to know about!

What’s up world? Happy Friday, hope you have a fun and/or relaxing weekend planned! I wanted to drop a line and update you on some Stilazzi sales activity. Our 50% off Stilazzi beauty cases sale ends on Sunday. Simply choose your case or cases, and enter promo code CASEDEAL at checkout and save 50%. But have no fear, because right after that comes another sale…and this one is the biggie. The Stilazzi Black Weekend sale begins on Thursday November 24th (Thanksgiving Day for you turkey and stuffing fans) and ends Monday November 28th. The Black Weekend sale means 50% off of EVERYTHING. Period. End of story. Simply enter BLACKWEEKEND at checkout and save 50% off of whatever you buy, whether it is a $15 beauty tool, or an $800 portable makeup station. Halfsies baby!

But wait, there’s more…

The Stilazzi Four Weeks of Christmas sale begins on Tuesday, November 29th and runs all the way through Christmas day. Each week we will offer steep discounts on pre-selected products. Some will require promo codes, others will not. We’ll also be including free gifts along with some of them. We’re in the spirit of giving right now, because we love your smile. =)


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