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You guys rock!

Hey Rockstars! As promised, the Stilazzi Black Weekend Sale items started shipping out today so to all of you who placed orders…THANK YOU! The response was overwhelming. Considering we are just getting our name out there to the general public, and the small following we have on our Facebook and Twitter pages…we were blown away by the amount of orders that came in! As a matter of fact, it was so good that we’re thinking about having big site-wide 50% off sales quarterly.

Those of you who missed the sale, have no fear, throughout the month of December we will have sales going every day on different items. Also, those of you who began putting items in your shopping cart during the Black Weekend Sale but did not follow through with your orders…email me at busdev@stilazzi.com by the end of the week and I will email you back a coupon code good for that same 50% off!

Thank you all so much for loving Stilazzi and helping us grow. As we do, we will continue to strive to give you better products and lower prices, and the best customer service. You guys rock!


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