Reviewed – Stilazzi Beauty Case

Reviews like this are near and dear to my heart. Our makeup cases do not sell like they should, I think. I don’t think enough people know about them. Because if they did, I think we’d sell out of them every week. They’re beautiful, well constructed, and priced about 70% less than other cases on their level.

So yeah maybe I’m a little butt-hurt. =( I want to see women carrying this sexy case…not a construction worker’s toolbox looking thing! What do you think, do you like them? If you do, and you want one…email me at busdev@stilazzi.com and tell me you want to buy one, then I will email your own promo code good for 50% off for one week. But you have to email me by January 31st, 2012. I want to see you carrying these cases, and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is on this!

Now check out this review for more information: Stilazzi Makeup Case ReviewĀ – Thanks Faux! =)


5 comments on “Reviewed – Stilazzi Beauty Case

  1. You’re welcome! I don’t know why people aren’t carrying your cases around, they make you as cool looking as a rockstar!

  2. I just recieved my train cases today. I’m so glad I ran across Olivia’s blog.

    Thank you for the discount. I can’t believe how sturdy they are and how easy they make organizing my makeup. They are gorgeous and completely worth full price!

  3. So cool to hear Jan! Glad you love your new cases!

  4. I loved the look of the case (three tray pink and black glitter but when I bought one ( second hand off ebay). It didn’t fit the way I work. Divided trays would have been a huge help as well as a divided bottom. Since there was no shoulder strap, it was tricky to take on gigs. If I needed both hands for anything I had to set it on the ground. A bad idea in Chicago for a lot of reasons. I also had issues with the case tipping over if not weighted down. Which means I could take everything out and the work out of the trays so I had to keep going into the case for stuff. I ended up selling it

    Also the size would be perfect for my personal makeup, but not to take on a shoot. . I may buy one of the 6 tray ones for personal use down the road though. The case is well made and I loved the color scheme. I just couldn’t make it work. I hope this was helpful info !!

  5. Certainly helpful Angela, thanks for your feedback. In your situation for on set professional work, we would definitely recommend our clear professional set bag. Check it out here – http://stilazzi.com/pro-set-bag-clear.aspx You can keep it slung over your shoulder and because it is clear, it is easy to find what you are looking for fast, even in low-light settings.

    Our beauty cases are more for someone’s personal makeup rather than working on location. However, we do have some versions in the works that are more geared toward professionals. As these get closer to availability we will certainly let everyone know. Again, thanks for the feedback Angela!

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