MUA Jordan Liberty of GiveGoodFace with a new tutorial…

Jordan is a buddy of ours who’s been using Stilazzi brushes for a while now. You might remember reading his thoughts on our brushes –  “What are they made of, anyway? Cocaine and unicorn fur? It’s like massaging your face with a kitten.” Here he is with his newest smokey eyes tutorial. Notice the Stilazzi Powder Brush, Stilazzi Large Shadow Brush, and Stilazzi Lip Brush.


2 comments on “MUA Jordan Liberty of GiveGoodFace with a new tutorial…

  1. OMG Jordan Liberty is amazing, I’ve been following him for years. So exciting to see him using your products, I was wondering if they were good for professionals. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Yes they are certainly GREAT for professionals! We designed them for use by professionals. Just a short history lesson on us — Stilazzi was created by the team behind Frends Beauty Supply. Since 1940, Frends has been supplying Hollywood MUA’s with pro makeup and fx products. We took what we learned in that arena, and used it to create the Stilazzi line. Our brushes are among the best of the best, and they are super affordable too! Email me!

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