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Stilazzi’s European Invasion is ON!

Hi world! How you doooin’? We just got back from a European Domination Tour and we’re happy to report that we’ve got SEVERAL new retail outlets currently stocking Stilazzi. That said, our friends overseas can now order from multiple locations and not have to worry about paying exorbitant shipping rates from Los Angeles to their local port of call. We’re very excited about this! Our products have always been received very well by our friends in Europe, but high shipping costs and even higher tax rates have kept Stilazzi out of the hands of too many artists. But not any longer!

You now have plenty of choices when shopping for Stilazzi products. In alphabetical order, they are:

And there are more to come! We’re so excited about working with our new partners. All of whom have been meticulously scrutinized for reputation and good business practice history before we even began speaking with them. That said, we trust them and you should as well. Please feel free to reach out to us, or any of them with your questions. Thank you all again for your hospitality, you made our trip a wonderful one that we’ll never forget!


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