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TOP SECRET: New Cases Are Coming

Classification: CLASSIFIED

Caveats: FOUO

Dear Makeup Artists,

We’ve received information concerning new makeup cases that are currently in production by Stilazzi (www.stilazzi.com). Intel reports that these cases were created to address the concerns and complaints of professional makeup artists, in regards to other cases currently on the market. These complaints span a wide array of challenges and issues posed by current cases: they do not hold up to the rigors of the job, they are too big, they are too small, they cannot be customized on a per-job basis, they are a jack of all trades but a master of none, and so on. Our ground assets captured a grainy night vision picture after infiltrating the Stilazzi Headquarters in North Hollywood, CA.

What we know so far:

  • These cases come with numerous detachable compartments
    • This feature allows makeup artists to customize their case specifically for the job they are on
  • Case interiors are customizable
    • The needs of hair and makeup artists can be different, thus these cases can be made to work perfect for either
  • These cases stand up to the rigors of worldwide travel
  • Some of these cases are stackable, with a trolley sleeve in the rear and latching mechanisms to combine two smaller cases into one larger case for bigger jobs
  • Initial price estimates make them competitive, and even lower then other comparable cases

We estimate that these new cases will be available to professional makeup artists and the general public by April 2012. Intel also reports that these cases will be available to European makeup artists shortly thereafter through high powered beauty suppliers affiliated with Stilazzi. Thus far we’ve been able to identify the following suppliers:

Please be on the lookout for these bags in your local beauty supplier. We anticipate that they will be a game changer, alleviating problems and making professional makeup artists smile worldwide.

Approach with caution, and put in your pre-orders soon!


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