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Join the Stilazzi affiliate program!

Look at this graphic. Look at it! This speaks volumes about the Stilazzi affiliate program You see, there are some important looking business people, some of whom are pointing to the sky, one even has what looks to be a weapon in his hand. He commands respect from his peers. There is also a green arrow pointing at some unknown thing in the sky…possibly aliens. Most of these people are standing on very small buildings. That, or they are giants. I don’t know. The buildings seem to be built on ice, or perhaps a foggy mirror based on the opaque reflection.

If you are not already sold on joining the Stilazzi affiliate program…well then, you must be playing hard ball. I know your type. Fortunately I have a trick up my sleeve…hope you’re sitting down because I’m about to knock you off your feet! Anyone with a beauty website (blog, etc.) can join. Just go to http://affiliates.stilazzi.com and register. Add a banner or two to your site, and any resulting sales…we’ll pay you.

I know…sit down, relax…take it all in. It’s amazing, isn’t it? If you have any questions, send me an email at busdev@stilazzi.com and I’ll answer them. Otherwise, hit that link and get signed up!


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