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NEW Stilazzi cases are here!

We’re excited. Ok, we’re really really excited. Happy dance excited. You know, the pelvic thrust kind of happy dance that goes on for like, five minutes…way past the point of everyone else’s comfort level. Where everyone just kind of starts looking at you like you’re on fire, and then they slowly start to slink away, trying to remain unnoticed, and slowly exit the room. And then when they get outside of the room, they just run…and run…and run, until they get home, where they curl up in a dark corner, in the fetal position, and just rock themselves to sleep hoping that by the time they wake up, that horrible image will be gone from their mind’s eye.

Yep, we’re THAT kind of excited! Because our new cases are here! Makeup artists…we’ve listened to you. I’ll say that again, WE HAVE LISTENED TO YOU! We’ve listened to what you love about your cases, we’ve listened to what you hate about your cases. And we’ve constructed a series of cases that address your needs, specifically.

From afar they may look just like some other competitive cases. But they are different. They are modular. You are not stuck with the same format for every single job you work. All of your jobs call for different things, meaning you should have a kit that is adaptable to your needs for that day. Some of you might know that I (Matt, the author) also serve in the military along with working in the industry. We realized the need for modularity years ago, as each mission called for different combat load needs. That said, if you see a soldier in battle rattle, you will notice his or her kit is fully modular. We use a system called MOLLE ( Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment). Think of it as a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our new Stilazzi bags utilize the same methodology. Modular loadout, below.

We work very closely with thousands of great makeup artists, and spent quite a long time discussing how to best fulfill their needs. The answer was pretty simple. Do what we know works. And now, we present a solution that allows makeup artists to customize their cases for the needs of the day, without having to have different cases. Each case comes with numerous plastic lined bags (for easier cleaning) that can be attached to the sides or inside of the case, they’re well constructed to handle the rigors of outside shoots, travel, etc., and they can even be combined together to make larger cases when the needs call for it.

As the day progresses, we will add more pictures to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as the Stilazzi and Frends websites. We’ll publish the sizes, prices, and different specs. We’re very excited to introduce these cases to the market and look forward to being known as the problem solver!


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