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Value = Benefits / Cost

Maybe you’ve seen this equation before, maybe you haven’t. But it is an important concept to think about when making a purchase. And it is a concept that we took into heavy consideration when designing our new professional beauty cases. There are a lot of good beauty cases on the market today, available to professional hair and makeup artists. Plenty of them can be had for well under $200, where as many are far north of that.

That said…we had to consider what our approach would be. Do we build a sub-$200 case? Where does it rate after analyzing the Value = Benefits / Cost paradigm? And because this analysis is purely subjective, the results will mean different things to different people? So the smart thing to do for us, would be to first identify what segment of ‘the people’ we are targeting. We cater to professional makeup artists, and aspiring professional makeup artists. So, by definition, a professional demands a high quality product that can stand up to the rigors of their job, and last a long time.

This immediately rules out a sub-$200 case. You simply cannot produce a case with the type of usability and durability a working professional needs under $200. And while it will cut into the overall pie of people who are looking for cases, we’re ok with that because our core clientele is expecting a higher quality from us. And that is what we deliver.

So, this leaves us with cases that cost north of $200. Hard sell, we know. In order to make cases that sell, we needed to introduce some concepts that increase the benefits and keep that algorithm in line. To do this, we had to think outside of the box. For the last 15 years, we’ve supplied nearly all of the blockbuster film and television shows with products, and in doing so, we’ve been able to become friends with some of the best and most talented makeup artists in the world. What better audience than that, to get information on what a professional makeup artist needs?

And we quizzed them, and poked and prodded them, to get information.

And we got it. And we segmented it. And we sliced and diced it. Like the world’s greatest military minds we…[ok, maybe not that caliber but we’re relatively smart…and good looking, according to our moms] analyzed the intel…and we made our new Stilazzi Professional Hair and Makeup Cases based on it. So when you think of value which should ultimately determine how you shop for products (not just beauty products, but all products), you need to consider what it means to you. It’s the smart way to shop. Making purchases based on your own perceived value saves you money in the long run and the short run.

Our new professional cases are popping up in retailers around the world, so stop in one of them, or ask your local beauty supply shop if they carry Stilazzi. If you have questions about the cases, you can email me and I will help you out – busdev (at) stilazzi (dot) com.


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