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Your makeup case sucks, you should win a new one!

Happy Friday Party People,

Check it out. We have something you might like. In general, we’re dull and unimaginative in most categories…up to and including coming up with fun promotions. We wanted to have a really cool promotion for our new cases. Something better than just giving out promo codes for the website. We started discussing some different options but could not agree on any one…

78 beers, a broken television set (lol, whut?), six black eyes, three migraines and one broken leg later…we’ve got nothing.

So we had to ask ourselves…

Quickly we realized Fonzie would do the obvious — ask the girls who work with us. They’re the brains behind the operation anyway.


So we did, and they came up with a really fun, really cool promotion! We’re going to give away one of our new Stilazzi cases! And we’re going to give it to the person who has the worst, most beat up makeup case. To enter the contest, take a picture of your beat up makeup case, and post it on Stilazzi’s Facebook wall at www.facebook.com/stilazzi. Tell us how beat up your case is and why you think you should win a new one.

Along with the new case winner, five additional beat up case owners will win promo codes for 60% off their next purchase on http://www.stilazzi.com! See below for the contest rules.


  1. Post your disgusting, beat to crap makeup case on the www.facebook.com/stilazzi wall from now until April 23rd.
  2. You only need to post the picture once. You can’t fool us with multiple pictures! Our moms tell us we’re smart.
  3. The Stilazzi team will review all pictures and choose the winners.
  4. Case winner must have a shipping address within the contiguous 48 States.


If your case doesn’t suck but you know someone’s who does, send this to them. They will appreciate your honesty. =P


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