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Thank You. Gratzi. Danke. Yuspagarkàtam. Tæshækkür elæyiræm. Arigato gozaimashita. Hsà khawn hsá ta má’ lâw.

Thanks! To all of our customers who have helped Stilazzi grow and stand on our own two feet, especially in the last six months…thanks, so much! We began this company as a side project at Frends Beauty by manufacturing makeup disposables, and continued to reinvest money into the brand to grow the line out. We listened to makeup artists who were sick and tired of buying junky bags and cases, and brushes, that easily broke and came apart with light use. We made the decision to focus on two main practices that became our ethos — Only put out quality products that stand up to the rigors of the professional makeup artists job, and always deliver the best customer service no matter what.

Our position in the industry makes us somewhat of an outlet for makeup artists who cannot hold in their complaints about products. What we mean is, people come to us with their opinions of products they use, and how the companies that they buy them from treat them. We of course write down all of this so we can sit back and digest, and we use this to continue to make our products better and be 110% sure we’re delivering a great customer experience from A to Z. We’re true believers that customer experience and not price, drive repeat business. While our prices are competitive, sometimes we’re higher. But by consistently delivering better products with a smile, we’ve been able to grow.

And in our growth, comes the evolution of BETTER products for professional makeup artists. For nearly three years now, we’ve grown Stilazzi by reinvesting all revenue back into the line to add new products, and evolve current ones into better iterations. We will not stop until we are completely sure that we’ve delivered you the best product at the most reasonable price. And we have all of you who have supported us, to thank. So, THANK YOU!


One comment on “Thank You. Gratzi. Danke. Yuspagarkàtam. Tæshækkür elæyiræm. Arigato gozaimashita. Hsà khawn hsá ta má’ lâw.

  1. Yay! You’re welcome!

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