Stilazzi is coming to America’s Beauty Show

Come see us this weekend! Booth 2379! Advertisements

Stilazzi has successfully invaded Canada and established a colony…

By this, we mean…we have our FIRST Canadian stocking retailer and we could not be more excited about who it is! Without further ado, we present: CurliQue Beauty! Our Canadian clients no longer have to worry about shipping and customs issues. Check out and contact them for all of your Stilazzi needs in Canada! […]

Thank You. Gratzi. Danke. Yuspagarkàtam. Tæshækkür elæyiræm. Arigato gozaimashita. Hsà khawn hsá ta má’ lâw.

Thanks! To all of our customers who have helped Stilazzi grow and stand on our own two feet, especially in the last six months…thanks, so much! We began this company as a side project at Frends Beauty by manufacturing makeup disposables, and continued to reinvest money into the brand to grow the line out. We […]

Your makeup case sucks, you should win a new one!

Happy Friday Party People, Check it out. We have something you might like. In general, we’re dull and unimaginative in most categories…up to and including coming up with fun promotions. We wanted to have a really cool promotion for our new cases. Something better than just giving out promo codes for the website. We started […]

TOP SECRET: New Cases Are Coming

Classification: CLASSIFIED Caveats: FOUO Dear Makeup Artists, We’ve received information concerning new makeup cases that are currently in production by Stilazzi ( Intel reports that these cases were created to address the concerns and complaints of professional makeup artists, in regards to other cases currently on the market. These complaints span a wide array of challenges […]

Stilazzi’s European Invasion is ON!

Hi world! How you doooin’? We just got back from a European Domination Tour and we’re happy to report that we’ve got SEVERAL new retail outlets currently stocking Stilazzi. That said, our friends overseas can now order from multiple locations and not have to worry about paying exorbitant shipping rates from Los Angeles to their local port […]

Stilazzi comes to the UK!

And not just for IMATS later on this month! We’d like to welcome our newest retailer, Cocktail Cosmetics Ltd.! Their first shipment is on the way right now so all you pro makeup artists who’ve been wanting one of our clear pro set bags, you can contact them at and have them hold one […]