Professional Makeup Cases

We’re very happy to announce that Stilazzi’s professional makeup cases, especially the Gone Topless (MCP-3) case have quickly become one of the most popular professional makeup cases on the market! Since they hit the market several months ago, nearly 1,000 professional makeup artists, and beauty students around the world have turned these cases into their […]

Reviewed: Stilazzi Angle Brush

Check it out! We just found this review from a UK based makeup artist we met at IMATS London earlier this year! Cool!

Stilazzi Pro Set Bag – Medium

Beauty School Student Kits

Like many beauty retailers, lately beauty / makeup and special fx schools have begun to learn about the Stilazzi line. Through our affiliation with Frends Beauty, we’ve been able to build a compelling reason to source student kits through us. By offering only the best professional makeup and fx supplies coupled with the best professional […]

NEW Stilazzi Clear Professional Set Bags

At Stilazzi, we take things that are awesome, and we make them better. We should trademark that slogan. Remember this set bag? Well, we went back to the drawing board and took out #1 selling item, and made it even better! The newly redesigned Stilazzi clear set bags include a newer, better plastic which is […]

Your makeup case sucks, you should win a new one!

Happy Friday Party People, Check it out. We have something you might like. In general, we’re dull and unimaginative in most categories…up to and including coming up with fun promotions. We wanted to have a really cool promotion for our new cases. Something better than just giving out promo codes for the website. We started […]

Value = Benefits / Cost

Maybe you’ve seen this equation before, maybe you haven’t. But it is an important concept to think about when making a purchase. And it is a concept that we took into heavy consideration when designing our new professional beauty cases. There are a lot of good beauty cases on the market today, available to professional […]