Product Reviews

Reviewed: Stilazzi Angle Brush

Check it out! We just found this review from a UK based makeup artist we met at IMATS London earlier this year! Cool! Advertisements

Reviewed: Stilazzi Brushes

Our friend Demzy over at J’adore La Dolce Vita reviewed our brushes for us, so head over and check it out when you have a moment. We are VERY excited about our brushes, as we’ve received nothing but positive responses from those who have used them. They’re high quality, top of the line brushes, at middle of […]

Reviewed: Stilazzi Pro Set Bag Clear

Kat Jensen has recently reviewed the Stilazzi Pro Set Bag Clear. Check out here blog HERE for more info!

Reviewed: Stilazzi Pro Set Bag Clear Swing by Khristine’s Beauty and The Brute blog today for her review of the Stilazzi Pro Set Bag Clear. Khristine is a makeup artist, nursing student, mother, and expectant mother so we’re super happy she took a moment out of her super busy day to review the pro set bag clear for us. Make […]

Reviewed: Stilazzi Brushes Kathleen is a different kind of blogger, a professional reviewer of sorts, not a professional makeup artist. We thought it would be important to get our products into the hands of someone other than a professional makeup artist to show that they also appeal to the masses. Being that Kathleen reviews A LOT of […]

Reviewed – Stilazzi Spatulas

When I think of spatulas, I am reminded of Spatula City on UHF…what a classic… But I digress. This is about Stilazzi spatulas, and our friend Christian recently reviewed them on her blog. Click Here to read about it.

Reviewed – Stilazzi Beauty Case

Professional makeup artist Christine Ross reviews her Stilazzi Beauty Case. Click Here to check out her blog and read the review. As I’ve mentioned before, I think more people should buy Stilazzi beauty cases. They’re sexy, affordable, well built, and they will help you stay organized. If I was a girl, or if I wore […]